Back in 2 years ago. I was new to the Unity (my first) forum communities. I have no idea how username works so I just pull my real name on it.

Wildan Mubarok

Yeah, I believe it’s hard to read for english speakers, and I see the trends out there that user names are ‘nickname’ or ‘slang’ so I ask to support ticket to change my username.

This is me, I want to change ‘Wildan Mubarok’ to ‘WellDone’

Well, that’s was my gut thinking first. wil as well and dan as done. Both pronounces similar I thought.

The support guy: ‘WellDone’ username has been taken. We’ll use ‘WellDone0’

Ouch! That’s ugly. I ask again about alternatives and I let them choose the best.

The support guy: Good news! The name ‘WillNode’ is available. The change takes effect shortly…

Ah yes! No more numbers. I accept that name and get the case solved fast.

Months Later

I think willnode is a cool choice. That username later, I use it in other places like github and twitter.

It is nice (and lucky) that willnode is available in any places that I’ve been signed up. This then become my official goto for username.

Thanks for the support guy for the neat choice!