So how lovely command prompt compared to new PowerShell? I don’t know what the trend right now, but I still love cmd because it’s fast and compact. I don’t quite like PowerShell though Microsoft pushes it further now in newer version of windows 10.

Long story short I want to pop cmd easily when I right clicking any folder like I was. It was working until it goes replaced with powelshell. I’ve tried to google anywhere but didn’t found anything useful. So I build mine….

The idea

Turns out that because I use vscode, and it shows Open with Code when I right clicking on any folder, I can use the same method to show up another version like Open with CMD. I just need to banging my self with regedit and found that the trick works great.

Open with CMD

I can tell you steps but it is much simpler if I just export for you. In the nutshell, just view raw, download and run: