Me sitting here thinking “What should I do?”

For the last few weeks I have finished my contract to help my school community. It’s such a big deal that prevent me from focus on my own work. But today it’s over, and now I confuse to decide what should I do, especially with existing projects.

First thing is that I have premium projects.

The Premium Assets

I have a big deal with these primary assets. Currently 100% of my income comes from this stream. Altough the usage is low, it has revenue stream enough to help gain my family net income and boost my confidence as a developer. I have been doing these business for at least two year and it’s a big milestone in my lifetime career.

But sometime it sucks, because people only pay them once (in lifetime), and I have to keep it updated or bad reviews will arrive. Also the income is not streamlined, mostly up and down, so that I can’t fully rely on such system.

If you have used these assets you’ll notice that I haven’t update them for while. That isn’t mean I don’t care them anymore, but:

  • Zero people reach me, in the last few weeks (so then I have no idea what to fix, where to improve)
  • TexDraw reaches it’s very stable version (first point is the proof) (I don’t want it mess up again)
  • Engine4… People may don’t care at all (zero sales until now)
  • The rest is in the same fate as the second point.

I believe there will be a point where zero (very few) sales will be made, and outdated. In that case I may tag them for free. But that’s very unlikely at this point.

The Front Engineering Era

I’ve been familiar with C# for years and built many thing with that.

But today is 2017 and I don’t want to miss the hype with web development since I make my first static website. For me it’s a straight forward process to learn HTML + CSS. But not JavaScript.

I thought JavaScript was that simple. Turns out it’s much much powerful that, and I lucky enough to see that these stuff are common nowadays:

  • Javascript is one of the giant languages used nowadays.
  • Node.js can make JavaScript painless by linking separate JavaScript (thanks to the mighty require())
  • NPM can make Node.js painless by inserting existing javascript libraries (aka. modules) with their giant repo.
  • Typescript adds syntax sugar (code completion, syntax-aware, etc.) in addition with JavaScript (and both can be mixed in VSCode!).

That is nice! All features which javascript lack is now covered! But what it can do?

  • with HTML+CSS+JS I can make apps directly to the web.
  • with Node.js I can make desktop CLI apps (and cross platform!)
  • with Electron I can ‘embed’ my web apps as native desktop GUI (cross platform, again!)
  • with AngularJS I can make desktop GUI bloated of data binding painlessly
  • with Typescript I can make my environment full of candies with many syntax sugar painlessly
  • with ALL above I can make any kind of cross-platform desktop and web apps

Of course I haven’t tell others like Babel, Browserify, React, etc. etc.