Whoa, I didn’t see that days are coming waaayyyy fast. Today is the end of March, for me that means I have to off from Internet for a while.

The Prologue

I’m 18 at the time of this writing, and y’all maybe already knew that I’ve just off after graduate for a year and it’s the time to go back to school.

This last year, I tell you, is pretty great. I got major upgrade to 4D game engine, learning HTML+CSS+JS, building my own site, moving blog from wordpress to Jekyll, registering wellosoft.net, learning Go, Node.JS and microservices, building +20 OSS projects, and the lastest is I got WYSIWYG editor for TEXDraw and make it way until it’s priced reasonably at 50$.

It’s pretty cool year, I wish I can do it again but I have to move to other situation. I realized that even I got a high amount of contribution for the last 6 month, yet I still have little (60) follower in Twitter, and less than 20 stars in GitHub. Sigh. But I think it’s okay anyway since I’m bad at promoting stuff.

The Epilogue

I’m going to off from Internet, doing zero project for straight a month, so that I can prepare to (hopefully) pass college entrance test. It should be easy anyway, since I’m not targeting to off-country nor the high-popular one, because I like to be low, like spidey said in his newest movie….

Anyway, if you comes to seek my help, and I got you redirected to this article, then sorry 🙏, I promise to be back soon when everything has calmed down.

– See ya next time 😉