So I just heard about Node.JS, and it is awesooooooome!

Javascript is Awesome

NodeJS is an Javascript Intepreter, built because making a HTTP server is suck at the time. But because Javascript was suck too, it had a clever solution to make it modular:

var foo = require('bar');
module.exports = 'baz';

See? no new syntax is necessary. Simple enough to make it so modular. No external project config needed (like C#, which is also a reason that I start to look into Go for small tools).

And look at those new syntax sugars that Javascript had evolved in the last few years. NodeJS simply had a good investment on that.


Microservices is like you have a server but instead of writing everything on it, you’re pulling specific server-side operation off from the main server, which is very cool especially for small sites like mine.

If you’re looking for headstart, have a look to micro and start from this code:

module.exports = function(request, response) => {
	response.end('hello world!')

then run it with $ micro. Simply awesome, right?!

I have two microservices running on my site, gh-latest-repos and uas-gitlab-auth. I deploy those microservices with Now, which is free (enough for small quantity) and surprisingly simple to setup (just click the button).

Most microservices today are written in NodeJS, and yep, I learn a lot from learning how they work in code basis, especially after writing that uas-gitlab-auth and bandit-proxy.

In conclusion I’m….

So excited to create another microservice with Node.JS! ✨