Three months of learning Javascript and the internet, it’s really amazing. I think everyone agreed, that if you do GUI, nothing beats HTML+CSS. And thanks to GitHub Pages, deploying these stuff is never been easier.

It said that, the web was suck. Back then there was no such thing as HTML5, CSS3, or even JS ES. Internet Explorer is hijacking the internet, while staying away with W3C. I’m lucky and very gratituting that I can learn the internet after the web is safe and steadily increasing in peace.

As of my writing I have created so many web-backed stuff, from documentation to apps. Yes, includes Asciiter and Webpack-Explorer.

Best Javascript Framework?


There’s three popular frameworks out there. I’ll put my opinion and facts:

  • React Angular Vue  
    Created by Facebook Google A Person
    Codebase Fine Largest Small
    Run via CDN
    Node Template Jsx Vue
    Behaviour HTML written in Javascript Javascript written in HTML Compromise
    should you use NPM Optional, but a must if you want JSX (React in JS is ugly) Absolute yes If you want to split the templatte

From these, React and Vue seems similar. But in statistics, React won.

But Vue in my opinion is the best. I like its simplicity. I’d better say that you use React if you work on large company, otherwise stick with Vue.

But I don’t know about angular, and the prediction says, Angular will be beaten by Vue. Just saying!

This is highly opionated. I’d never try React or Angular before!

Best Bundler?

SPOILER: Webpack

Importing javascript from javascript was suck. But thanks god it’s 2018 and things like this are commonly easy.

Two things come to my head about bundlers:

  • Webpack Browserify  
    Eazyness No Easy Peasy
    Modular High Fifty-Fifty
    Beyond JS

I saw webpack and I was ‘meh’. Why? Because holy crap you need a right configuration before running it, and even worse, They’d use Javascript instead JSON (which is scary because nothing checks your typo). So then I just hooked a new project, while filling my freetime.

This project, Webpack Explorer is what about. Just like the former, but for webpack, and built using webpack.

But turns it grows a lot bigger. Thanks for using Javascript as config, webpack can unify whole javascript things (Jsx, Babel, Sass, Vue, whatever) just with the right config, and installation.

Turns out I really liked it. Fast, yet modular. HMR and watchers are the first class in webpack to!

So then if you curious about it, head over te project. There are more stories in there.


Writing GUI? Hook up VS code to write some HTML+CSS+JS!

Vue, and Webpack. Two guys on the awesome boat. I think I’ll stop there.