I think i just screwing my life.

I Blog in Two languages

And turns out it’s the worst idea I ever thought.

I thought I could say:

Meh, I could do it. Just an easy translation task.

But turns out it took hours to translate, even it is your own posts. Because I like to write thought in English, I may drop the duplicate translation. So if you want to see what info is lost, you might want to look at today’s commit diff.

But I still want to have indonesian blog. Turns out I can bring my old habit in Facebook to mirror it here. So starting today the two will have different content.

Folks, do never repeat my mistake.

I ruined my 2018

Ugh. I think this is clear that I do have interest in hacking stuff right now.

So my plan: Got 100 Repo, Setup Patreon, etc. etc. that I’ve setup right here is broken now.

Why the switch? Because I like to be curious, and the prize that rolled for bug bounties are amazing. I think I can stick with selling to UT for another year. Let see what coming up in next few months..


I’m inspired by the simplicity from few bloggers like ryangrove and codinghorrir. I hope next changes will make my blog “just right”.

Yes. This includes moving from wellosoft.net/blog/ to blog.wellosoft.net/, and removing 20 char permalink padding. Thanks Jeff!

I need new Hardware

I’m living with two portable laptop with 2 GB stick RAM each. Can’t be worse. I need new hardware. But I planned for another few months because I’m obsessed with this one.