I always aiming for lightweight size on my blog site. Every content on my site is already precompiled and minified, so it’s pretty lightweight and don’t require javascript at all.


I do need Javascript, for:

  • Site traffic (Google Analytics)
  • Comment Platform (Disqus)

So how’s the difference between JavaScript turned on and off?

JS vs no Js

Son of a *****

It’s worth noting that there’s 83 KB image there so my site is only 3 KB. It’s a hundred times bigger thanks to those JavaScript.


  • Change Google Analytics to ga-lite. 30 KB down to 8 KB.
  • Lazily load comments when user need to. 300 KB+ down to zero. This how I achieve it.

From now on this site you have to click the button to show comments if you curious. Anyway it’s a worth saving, right?