Hello!, this is the first post of the blog.

Meanwhile, this first post is gonna be my testing playground with Jekyll + Kramdown.

The playground

Not yet

Yet …

Now, you may see an inline code or italic or bold or striking texts.

void PerhapsSomeCode() { /* coding stuff */ }

And some nifty quote here Here as well

Table Here
Hello World
Bye Bye

Made with MSPAINT :D

May need some citation here1

  • Silver
    • Made
    • With
      • Some
  • Bullet
    1. For
    2. Now As well
Example of a spoiler

Keep an eye because i’m Linking external page or Linking this page like http://github.com

Try with — (dashes) and … (dots) and « arrows »

The Gist

I love Kramdown, it can do so many things without need for any plugin. Anyway here’s the gist if you wonder:

  1. Hello world