It’s been 2.5 years I’ve selling assets in Unity. For me it’s such an amazing experience, especially with the best project that I’ve committed so far: TEXDraw.

TEXDraw for me, is special. Let me tell you my little secret. Since it launch I have revenue averages hundred in dollar per month. In Apr 2017 at big sale it reached $1000 in single month. Since I have nothing to do with the money (I’m 16 at the time) I just throw away all the money to my parents, covering our expenses.

And In this year, I’d graduated but not going to college (until next year), so I can be free to do whatever I want. This is a rare opportunity for me, especially when 99% of my classmates are going to college right now. Why I can be so naive like that? Because of TEXDraw, and my love as a programmer.

Why Change?

First, I take this 1 year ongoing holiday very as a big deal. As Once-per-lifetime chance. I thought I can do this by selling more stuff.

Turns out it wasn’t. See, I capable of creating many thing (proof: my git repo?) but I failed to make one that selling. Now you ask me why this important? Because turns out that I’ve take too much time worried that.

One example for my attempt on this is my Engine4. It’s contains about months full of refactor and hardward over there. But reaction? Nearly nil.

Success can be a catalyst for failure

This deliberates my freedom. I need something out from this tyranny. Or i’m running out of this hory-grail chance. At the time of writing this, I’m already losing about 50% of it.

The Movement

At the time I saw my little app get little attention (14 stars as I’m write here) I’d thought a little about how nice of getting fluent in OSS development. That’s may little overstating but I really liked of how it works, creating things that everyone can use and be exposed. I mean, no more people can’t use my works simply because they won’t spend a dime on it (which what I thought for other assets, simply because I don’t have credit cards).

However as awesome it could be, it has some negative drawback

Yes, and i’m talking the revenue stream. Sure that zero money will flown, because nobody is need to pay for it. I’m talking money here because it’s important factor for my situatuion, but deep inside, it’s not my theme.

I truly want to make impact that last

OSS may suit with my theme, so I sure go with it. As OSS go, I have additional 4 years (from college time) to make so many repo and stuff. Sure enough to fill my CV for jobs.

Plan B

But I hate jobs, atleast with what I’m imagine right now. So I have plan B, Patreon.

I hear some OSS guys like @evanyou are pledging fulltime for OSS being paid by backers. Don’t that is awesome? I think it could be my goal until i got a lot attention.

But ofcource this is a plan B, and see what I’ll be going for 2018.

The Fate of Unity3D assets

I was having a schedule to always update those packages monthly but now I don’t. Sorry if this may uncortable, but I divide my time with OSS, which is my current goal described above. This also means I won’t release any new paid packages whatsover.

But remember I still watching those packages. I just hope that you’re OK with that. Meanwhile, why don’t you enjoy my perks on github ? :)