As I mentioned in previous post, that I may just have enough funding by selling assets on Asset Store.

Wait, do I need money?

I live in middle class family, so money isn’t that much important. But truly helps in pretty much everywhere.

To give you some perspective, I’ve raised net roughly 5K$ for the last 2 years (averages 200$ per month). This may seems small for you, but at that rate my salary already beat the average salary of teachers on my school. My family was having large debt but easily peeled up because of my extra income.

Yes, I waving all the salary to my dad, because what will a 16-old techie kid doing with their 200$ monthly? Probably nothing (except new hardware 😁).

Anyway, I accept my current salary as extra cash, until today (i’m 18 at this time). There no mean of money for me, until… maybe when I going to college this year?

Extra cash from free tools

I had a believe where I should sell more tools, but it frustate me out freakly.

The time when I know GitHub, it surpises me into the root about the entirely different Javascript Community. I now believe that price doesn’t matter at all.

But then I also wonder if I can release my premium tools for free, to reach more people without worries about money? I’d really like too, although it’s a NO because most people think free == low price == crap.

A mental boost

It’s a human if they saw a big number then goes it excited, it’s also a human if they depressed because of so much thing need to be fixed.

But then when people turn their money to you, voluntarily, guess who get happy at most? OMG, I even capture those happy costumer words into my wallpaper.

A wider community

This is the most important thing that I want keep a note. I want to join into the community. Both Unity and Javascript community has entirely different taste and I want to get better at both. Until this time I never go into any conference or meetups, and heck, never saw a cool kid have higher skill eyes by eyes.

It tooks time of course, and I might going deep into this topic. At least with Patreon I might be known for that, or no at all.

Follow your passion

I’d already hate office jobs since I was doomed to be a programmer. I might hate freelance too.

But then improving skills, doing projects, having meet with kids that share expericences, learn new stuff, is the most exciting thing that I want to do.

Things change quickly, but I believe when we doing for good, a better karma will follow.

Do I need Patreon?

It is not clear for me to keep stick with plan A or switching into this plan B (or do both?!). I might wait until my twitter follower grows to 200-like, or maybe when one of you (the reader) trying to yell “shut up and take my money” to my Open DM.

Thanks for reading 🙏.