By this time in beginning of 2018. These are the technologies that I have use and try. Not all technology fits-all-the-case so I have options:

The Internet

This is the #1. Things became online. Users don’t need to install the things inside web. If I want to create a software with nice GUI that without database or file access, I’d sure pick the HTML-CSS-JS on the ammunition.

And yes, JS got better with Vue.JS. i’ve tried it ;)


When I need a software that automate file-system access without fancy GUI, I’d choose Golang. Go is simple, and fast compared to its rival, python.

What I like from Go is that the compilation to binary is straightforward, yet very lightweight, as a single exe (without any other depedency!). I know that C# is leightweight too – but its not cross-platform (ie. windows only), while Go covers all desktop platform out of the box.

Go is almost be my day-to-day. The culprit is that Go don’t have official GUI solution.

C# WinForm or WPF

C# was my day-by-day platform to get up and running. I’ve written so much apps with it. However C# still sucks because it’s exclusive to windows only. I know there’s .NET core, but it still don’t have fancy GUI, and Go is just better in many ways than that.

Unity3D / Blender

Of course if I want to create a game or film I’d choose this one. But that’s if ;)


It’s possible. But very unlikely. I just happy with building web apps in codepen. What about running node as CLI? Meh, Go is just better (node don’t compile to exe).

But if I want to create a JS library, this could be an option.


This is the last options. I have a reason why electron is sucks and put it on my very-last technology choice.

First stuff, Electron is great. It’s the technology behind many great desktop apps like VS Code, Slack, Wordpress, GitHub or Atom itself.

But the sucks thing is that one build could takeup more than 50 MB even it’s just a simple Hello World. I understand that because they also packs Electron, Node.JS, Chromium and the holy grail node_modules big giants.

I might can deal with that, but not its node_modules. Trust me when you do npm install electron you just wasted 100 MB of your data bandwidth just for one project. I don’t always have a WiFi access you know!

The Internet (With Database)

Jeez. I don’t rich enough to afford a hosted dynamic website. I need some business ideas to make this option available!


Jack of Trade, Master of None

At this very young time (I think), I like to be able to do anything. Later I can pick which one that suits my CV. My mission in 2018 is to get popular with a works that I can share!